Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

Biblical Genealogy: From Levi to Herod

Each entry is supposed to be the son or daughter of the previous entries. Subentries are used for people with multiple wives.

  1. Levi (b. 2195 after creation = 1565 B.C.E., d. 2332 after creation = 1428 B.C.E.) (ancestor of Levites [Leviim; sing: Levi]). (Genesis 46) Children: Jocheved, Kohath

  2. Kohath. (Genesis 46) 

  3. Amram married his aunt Jocheved. (Exodus 6:18) Children: Moses, Miriam, Aaron

  4. High Priest Aaron married Elisheba daughter of Amminadab from the tribe of Judah. Aaron was the first high priest, and was the ancestor of all the Hebrew Priests [Kohanim; sing. Kohen]). (Exodus 6:20). Sons: Nadar, Abihu, Eleazar (below) and Ithamar (ancestor of 7th through 11th high priests: Eli, Ahibut I, Ahijah, Ahimelech, and Abiathar)

  5. 2nd High Priest Eleazar I. (Exodus 6:23)

  6. 3rd High Priest Phineas. (Exodus 6:25)

  7. 4th High Priest Abishua. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  8. 5th High Priest Bukki, (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  9. 6th High Priest Uzzi. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  10. Zerahiah (Zaraias). (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  11. Meraioth. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  12. Amariah (Arophaeus) (Amarias). (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  13. Ahitub. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  14. 12th High Priest Zadok I. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  15. 13th High Priest Ahimaaz (Achmimas). (I Chronicles 6:4-14) Last high priest to serve in the tabernacle (mishkan)

  16. 14th High Priest Azariah. (I Chronicles 6:4-14). First high priest to serve in Solomon's Temple. His three sons were co-high priests and were ancestors of the three great branches of the high-priests.

  17. 15th co-High Priest Joram. 

  18. 16th co-High Priest Jeshua I (Isus)

  19. 17th co-High Priest Axiomar (Axioramus)

  20. 19th co-High Priest Phideas (Pedaiah)

  21. 20th co-High Priest Sudeaus

  22. 21st co-High Priest Juelus

  23. 23rd co-High Priest Jotham

  24. 26th High Priest Neriah (Nerias)

  25. 27th High Priest Odeas (Hoshaiah)

  26. 28th High Priest Shallum II. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  27. 29th High Priest Hilkiah (Helcias) the prophet. (I Chronicles 6:4-14) 

  28. 30th High Priest Azariah (Azarias) V. (I Chronicles 6:4-14)

  29. 31st High Priest Seraiah (Sareaus). (I Chronicles 6:4-14). Last high priest in the first temple. Sons: Josedech (below), Jachin (father of Idaiah ancestor of Maccabeees), Eniachim

  30. Jehozadak (Josedech) (Jozadak). (I Chronicles 6:4-14). Did not actually serve as high priest in either Holy Temple. Priest in the first synagogue.

  31. 32nd High Priest Jeshua II. (Haggai 1:1) First high priest in the second temple.

  32. 33rd High Priest Joiakim. (Nehemiah 12:10-11)

  33. 34th High Priest Eliashib. (Nehemiah 12:10-11)

  34. 35th High Priest Joiada (Jehoiada) II. (d. around 400 B.C.E.) Children: Jehoadda (the wife of King Jehoash), Johanan I (below), Jeshua III (murdered by brother), Menasseh (expelled)

  35. 36th High Priest Johanan (Jochanan, Jonathan) II. (Nehemiah 12:10-11)

  36. 37th High Priest Jaddua. (Nehemiah 12:10-11). Met with Alexander the Great in 332/331 B.C.E. Sons: Onias I (below) and 41st High Priest Manasseh.

  37. 38th High Priest Onias I. (d. around 300 B.C.E.) (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XI, viii, 7). Sons: Simon I the Just (below), 40th High Priest Eleazar II (d. 265 B.C.E.) and Manasseh (d. 240 B.C.E.)

  38. 39th High Priest Simon The Just. (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XII, ii, 5)

  39. 42nd High Priest Onias II. (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XII, vi, 1). Children: Simon II (below), Manasseh and Judas)

  40. 43rd High Priest Simon II (d. 198 B.C.E.). Sons: 44th High Priest Onais III (deposed 175 B.C.E., murdered 171 B.C.E.) and Jason (below)

  41. 45th High Priest Jason. (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XII, v, 1)


  43. Mariamne I Maccabaeus married Herod "The Great" King Of Judea a descendant of Esau. (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XV, ii, 5, and XVII, v). Sons: Alexander and Aristobulus I, Both of these branches lead to my family tree via Bustanai.

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