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Biblical Genealogy: From Alexander son of Herod to Bustanai

Each entry is supposed to be the son or daughter of the previous entries. Subentries are used for people with multiple wives.

  1. Aristobulus I son of Herod, prince of Judea, ancestor of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne from whom all European royalty may trace a descent line married Berenice II, daughter of Costobarus, Governor of Idumaea & Salome a sister of Herod the Great
  2. Aristobulus II, Priest-King of Emesa married Iotape I, Priestess-Queen of Emesa, daughter of Sampsigeramus, Priest-King of Emesa, younger brother of the childless Priest-King Azizus
  3. Iotape II, Priestess-Queen of Emesa married Sampsigeratnus, Priest-King of Emesa
  4. Gaius Julius Sohaemus, King of Emesa 54-73, married Drusilla, divorced wife of Felix, Governor of Judea, &, daughter of Ptolemy of Mauretania (dAD40), son of Juba II, King of Numidia (dAD23) & Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Queen Cleopatra [VII] of Egypt
  5. Gaius Julius Alexio, Priest-King of Emesa (d 78) married Claudia, daughter of Arrius Calpurnius Piso, King of Syria & Servilla, an illegitimate daughter of Roman Emperor Claudius
  6. Gaius Julius Sampsigeramus [III] Silas, Priest-King of Emesa (d ca 120)
  7. Gaius Julius Longinus Soaemus, Priest-King of Emesa (d ca 160)
  8. Iamblichus, brother of (a) Julius Bassianus, Priest-King of Emesa [father of Empress Julia Domna and her sister Julia Moesa], & (b) Gaius Julius Avitus (d149) [father of Sohaemus, King of Armenia, d172]
  9. Gaius Julius Sulpicius, Priest-King of Emesa (d ca 210)
  10. Uranius Antoninus, Priest-King of Emesa 210, rival Emperor of Rome 218 (d235)
  11. Lucius Julius Aurelius Sulpicius Severus Uranius Antoninus, Priest-King of Emesa 235, rival Emperor of Rome 253 (d 254)
  12. Iamblichus (d 325), philosopher, disciple of Porphyry in Rome, founder of his own neoplatonic school
  13. Urania married Sopater (d 312), Imperial Counsellor to Constantine
  14. Himerius
  15. Iamblichus
  16. Tetradius, Proconsul of Treves, Senator (d after 386)
  17. Arthemia married Decimius Rusticus, Praetorian Prefect (d 412)
  18. Rusticus married Tullia, daughter of Eucherius, Bishop of Lyons
  19. Aquilinus, Bishop of Lyons (d 470) married Fuscina, daughter of Hesychius, Bishop of Vienne & Audentia, daughter Emperor Petronius Maximus & Eparchia, sister of Emperor Avitus
  20. Rusticus, Bishop of Lyons (d April 25, 501) married Ommace, daughter of Ruricius (Rurice], Bishop of Limoges
  21. Leontius, brother of Sacerdos, Bishop of Lyons (d 552), who, by wife, Anicia, daughter of Anicius Volusianus, begot Anicia
  22. Anicia married Magnus (d540), son of Probus (d518) & Anastasia, daughter of Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I "Dikoros", & his 1st wife Aspidia
  23. Anastasia married Tiberius II, Byzantine Emperor 578-582
  24. Constantine married Mauricius, Byzantine Emperor 582-602
  25. Marie (Miriam) married Chrosroes II (Khusrau) "Parvez", King/Shah of Persia 590-628 [his 2nd wife]
  26. Azarmedukht (Azarmidocht), empress
  27. Zamaspdukht married Yazdagird III, King/Shah of Persia 632-651
  28. Dara-Izdundad "Princess Of Persia" married Bustanai-Babylonian Exilarch Yazdegerd III

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