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Rashi family tree

Each item on this list represents a generation.

  1. Shlomo ?
  2. Itzhak TZARFARTI (d. Abt 1060 Worms, Germany) married ?? KALONYMOS sister of R. Simeon the Great of Mainz, and daughter of Itzhak KALONYMOS (d. 960 Mainz) son of Rabbi Abun KALONYMOS son of Meshulam KALONYMOS son of Klonimus KALONYMOS son of Moshe KALONYMOS (d. 870 Lucca, Italy, d. 940 Mainz, Germany) son of Kalonymos son of Meshulam KALONYMOS son of Kalonymos BEN YEHUDA.
    Itzhak TZARFARTI rRefused to sell a jewel he owned as a decoration for the Madonna. Although the local Christians were willing to pay a great price for it, he preferred to throw it away rather than see it become a part of idolaterous worship. As a reward, he was granted a son of the calibre of Rashi, who became a living spirtual jewel. One day when Rashi's mother was pregnant with him, she was almost run down by a crusader, but a niche opened up miraculously in a nearby wall and she was able to shelter there. This wall later become a well-known landmark.
  3. [1] Rashi: Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac (b. 1040 Troyes/Champagne, France, d. 1105 Troyes/Champagne, France) married Batisaak daughter of Isaak BENABUN. They lived in France. Rashi wrote well known concise commentary on the bible. Three daughters: The three daughters were scholars in their own right, helped their father with his writings, and at least one of which wore tefilin.
    Schlock Rock wrote a song about Rashi.
    Who was born in France and sent to Yeshiva
    studied in Worms and on his return
    he founded a school and wrote commentaries?
    Everyone knows it's Rashi.
    Whose words are written under the Chumash,
    the inside of every page of Talmud?
    Whose three daughters married great scholars?
    Everyone knows it's Rashi.
    And Rashi was so concise, and in his own script did write.
    And if you want to know why just look inside.

  4. [4] Jochaved BAT SALOMON (b. 1065 Troyes, France) married Rabbi Hayashish Meir ben Samuel (b. 1065 Mainz, Germany, d. 1135). Jochaved remarried ???.
  5. [7] Isaac BEN MEIR (RIBAM) (b. Ramerupt, d. Regensburg, Germany). After his death, his wife remarried [15] Yehudah.
  6. [16] Isaac's daughter (b. Treves) married Rabbi Jechiel TREVES, the posek (d. 1189 Paris) son of Rabbi Matityahu Hagadol TREVES (d. 1150).
  7. [29] Mosche TREVES, II (b. Treves, d. 1230 Paris)
  8. [35] Rabbi Porat Joseph TREVES (b. Treves)
  9. [39] Rabbi Matityahu TREVES (ASHKENAZI), II (b. Treves) married [38] the daughter of Rabbi Yehuda of Paris (b. 1115) [son of Yom Tov (b. 1090, d. ca. 1140 Paris) the son of Miriam and Judah (b. 1065 Mainz, d. ca. 1105) ben Nathan] and the daughter (or maybe just descendant...) of Rabbi Isaac BEN MEIR (RIBAM).
  10. [41] Rabbi Abraham (Avrahami) TREVES
  11. [44] Rabbi (TREVESIAN) Jochanan (Yahanan I) Ashkenazi TREVES (b. Abt 1265 Treves, d. Worms, Germany). Left France between 1285 and 1314 during the expulsion of Jews by Philippe IV and settled in Germany where he acquired the surname Ashkenazi.
  12. [52] Rabbi Joseph (Yosef V) Hagadol TZORFATI-TREVES (b. 1305, d. 1350 or 1370). President of Rabbinical Tribunal of Marseilles. His wife was very educated and explained many passages of the talmud. Their family was not required to wear the distinctive signs of Jews.
  13. [64] Chief Rabbi Matityahu TREVES V (b. 1325, d. 1387 Paris). Chief Rabbi in France. President of Rabbinical Court in Paris and France. He married the daughter of Rabbi Samuel SPIRA =?= Menassier DE VESOUL.
  14. Their daughter TREVES married Rabbi Raphael BALLIN. They had a son Shimshon. (Contact: Dr. Jeffrey R. WOOLF who is a descendant of Rashi via the HEILPRIN's and the HELLER's.)
  15. unknown BALLIN
  16. unknown BALLIN
  17. Elias BALLIN
  18. Moses Elias BALLIN
  19. Elias Moses BALLIN (b. Worms, d. 27 March 1587 Worms)
  20. Eliezer Sussmann BALLIN (d. 1601 Worms)
  21. Samuel Abraham BALLIN (d. 4 April 1622 Worm), married Gutrad WORMS daughter of Eliezar WORMS.
  22. Frummet BALLIN (b. Worms, d. 26 Jan 1649 Frankfurt) married Josef (Juda) Loeb OPPENHEIMER (d. 1655)

Note that Rabbi Jechiel LURIA also was a descendant of Rashi. See the official Noda b'Yehuda website for more information.

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