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Sorel Sara EGER (b. 1790 Lissa, d. 1832 Pressburg) was the daughter of Akiba EGER. She first married Rabbi Abraham Moshe KALISCHER (b. 1788 Lissa, Poland, d. 13 May 1812, Schneidermuehl, Poznan, Poland) son of Yehuda KALISCHER

Sorel remarried (January 1813 Posen, Poland) Moische SCHREIBER (also known as Hatam SOFER) (b. 24 Sep. 1763 = 7 Tishrei 5523 Frankfurt/Main, d. 3 Oct. 1839 = 25 Tishrei 5600 Pressburg, Austria) who had previously been married to Malca YAREVITZ. Miriam SCHREIBER was a direct descendant of the Hatam SOFER.

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