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Samuel Wolf WERTHEIMER (b. 1710, d. 1786) married (1730) his cousin Sara OPPENHEIMER (d. 1773) bat Isak ben Natan ben Jechiel. They had thirteen children.

The WERTHEIMER family made their fortunes as many wealthy Jews of the time did as bankers and merchants. Their family mansion was along "Ring" Boulevard in the center of Vienna and remained an essential part of the city's beauty for many years.

  1. Juta Rebbeka WERTHEIMER (d. in infancy 28 Feb 1740 Vienna)

  2. Frumet Lea WERTHEIMER (d. in infancy 25 Jul 1732 Vienna)

  3. David WERTHEIMER (d. in infancy 24 Jan 1753 Vienna)

  4. Samson Simon WERTHEIMER (1739-17 Oct 1810) married Karolina Schoenele Charlotte NEUSTADT (1741-23 Jun 1816) the daughter of Simon from Prague.

  5. Salman WERTHEIMER (1745-11 Jun 1760 Vienna)

  6. Emanuel Mendel WERTHEIMER (died 1772/3)

  7. Nathan WERTHEIMER (d. 26 May 1820 Vienna) moved to Nikelsburg married Blumele PULLITZ (d. 15 Dec 1798 Nikelsburg) the daughter of Jacob Moses

  8. Josef Edler (Eduord) VON WERTHEIMSTEIN (d. 19 Jan 1811) married his cousin Merli (Merle) WERTHEIMER (d. 13 Dec 1780 Vienna) the daughter of Josef Josel ben Simson.

  9. Lazaruz VON WERTHEIMSTEIN (b. 1740, d. 21 Jul 1818) married Sarche Schwerin (d. 9 Nov 1780 Vienna) daughter of Nathan.
    Lazaruz remarried Kalche Katharina Kela UFFENHEIMER (b. 1761, d. 15 June 1823) daughter of Jonathan Meir. Their Children:

  10. Schoendel (Susanna) WERTHEIMER (b. 1746 Vienna, d. 9 Dec 1780 Furth) married (1769) Moses Lemle GOSDORFER (b. 4 Oct 1751 Furth, d. 26 Jul 1822 Furth) the son of Lammlein ben Hirsh. (Moses remarried Eva WERTHEIMER the sister of his first wife)

  11. Lea Leonora WERTHEIMER (d. 21 Oct 1826 Vienna) married Emanuel Mandel (THEBEN) (d. Pressburg) the son of David. (she was his second wife) Their son: Samuel Mandel (b. 6 Apr 1787)

  12. Hirschl Hermann VON WERTHEIMSTEIN (1752-30 Mar 1812) married Henriette Hudel HERZBERG (1761-18 Sep 1824) the daughter of Naftali Hirz ha-COHEN.

  13. Eva Chawa WERTHEIMER (b. 1750 Vienna, d. 9 Nov 1815 Furth) married (29 Mar 1781) Moses Lemle GOSDORFER (b. 4 Oct 1751 Furth, d. 26 Jul 1822 Furth) the son of Lammlein ben Hirsh. She was his second wife and the sister of the first. Contact: Eva's descendant Suzan WYNNE

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