Illuminated Zayin Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Rabbi Menachem MENDEL

The Tsemah Tzedek Family Tree

[22] Menahem Mendel SCHNEURSOHN, the Tsemah Tzedek, (b. 29 Elul 5549 (20 Sep. 1789) Leozna, Poland, d. 13 Nissan 5626 (4 Mar. 1866)) Became Third leader of Chabad shortly after death of his father-in-law. He saved thousands of children from conscription in the Russian army. He wrote many works including Tsemah Tsedek, a collection of commentary and responsa, to which he lent his name.

Menahem Mendel SCHNEURSOHN first married (1802 or 1803 Leozna, Poland) his cousin [13] Rabbanit Chaya Mushka SHNEURI daughter of the Admour Haemtsahi. They had fourteen children:

Menahem Mendel SCHNEURSOHN remarried Rivka Rivale daughter of Aharon Hagadol. They had one daughter

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