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LOEB family tree Reunions
A Family History by Helen and Daniel Loeb

Please tell me about any family reunions you are organizing or are aware of.

Global Family Reunion

' A. J. Jacobs is organized the world's largest family reunion 6 June 2015 at the New York Hall of Science in New York City

Family Reunification


David Mark (LOEB) WILLIAMS's mother died in a car wreck in 1952. Her doctor arranged David's adoption at birth. He discovered the identity of his natural family through this website.

I was adopted at birth in Waco, Texas but the Loebs, my biological family, all came from the Philadelphia area and before that a tobacco plantation near Louisville, Kentucky having come to the United States in the mid-1800's. None in the family knew about me until about four years ago. I have four older siblings and two younger half siblings as well as a large number of first cousins in the Loeb family. I located my family via a website in France devoted to Loebs. A nephew in Guam had posted a snippet of my immediate family tree there and I was able to contact an uncle from the names listed. I have met Sue and another sister and both surviving uncles so far.


Oskar DENTAI-GOMPERZ had children before and after immigrating to the US. His children and grandchildren where living near each other but did not know of each other's existence until recently. They plan to get together soon!

Thanks for your message. In the meantime I met Ken and his (my) family. It is pretty amazing, I had no idea that my grandfather settled in the US sometime around 1914(?), and that I have uncles, aunts and a bunch of first cousins just a half an hour drive from where I happen to be living! My sister and I were told by our parents that every member of our extended family perished in the Holocaust. Suddenly we have this huge family thanks to your website.
Thanks again,


This story involves Noah KLEIMAN a Jewish boy and his apparently non-Jewish girlfriend Nicole EDISON. Nicole discovered the death certificate of her grandmother Manon KRAUSE. At the suggestion of Noah's mother Shawna KLEIMAN (who is an avid genealogist) she entered into Google the name of her great-grandmother Margarethe VON GUTMANN which appeared on Minon's death certificate. Google directed her to my website where she was surprised to discover her ancestry and that her maternal grandmother was Jewish which of course made her Jewish. Nicole's mother and grandmother died when Nicole was 13 and 12. While she knew that her grandmother had fled Austria during World War II, she never guessed that she was Jewish.

Nicole's great-grandmother Margarethe VON GUTMANN prepared a birthday celebration for Nicole's great-grandfather Otto KRAUSE featuring the famous opera singer Lotte LEHMAN. Otto fell in love with Lotte LEHMAN, and divorced Margarethe so that he could marry Lotte and follow her around the world while his children remained in Vienna with Margarethe. The children were barely able to escape the Nazis with help from Lotte LEHMAN. Otto KRAUSE died soon after they escaped. This story is detailed in FRIEDMANN, GUTMANN, LIEBEN, MANDL, STRAKOSCH... by Marie-Theres ARNBOM.

The story ends happily as Nicole has reclaimed her Jewish heritage, and is now engaged to be married to Noah KLEIMAN on August 14, 2004.

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