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The Art of Jean-Jacques Levy

French Painter

Jean-Jacques Levy is a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where he studied painting. In 1989, he received first prize at the Grand International de Deauville for his painting La Cour de la Rue Saint Maur, now on exhibition in the Alliance Française in Philadelphia.

Jean-Jacques Levy has exhibited his work in Rome, in Paris at the Grand Palais, and at the Galliera Palazzo Rosso in Genoa --- the cultural center of the French Consulate in Italy, where his work is currently on display.

Direct From his Studio in Montmartre

Jean-Jacques Levy proposes the following prestations to meet any budget:

Illuminated Aleph-Beth Bookmarks

Each bookmark features a different Hebrew letter and is illuminated with illustrations inspired from medieval Hebrew texts alluding to the Kabbalistic significance of each letter.

Jewish Art of the 12th to 16th centuries found some of its best expression in the illustration of prayer books. The restitution of everyday life by medieval Jewish artists is often peopled by zoomorphic figures, squirrels, unicorns, dragons and floral motifs. This art can be found in talmudic texts and pentateuches executed in Europe between 1173 and 1530.

We hope that our customers will keep these bookmarks as a witness to Medieval/Renaissance Judaism.

[Aleph, Beth, Dalet, Zayin, Yud, Lamed, Mem, Ayin, Peh, Raish, Kuf, Shin]

Personalized Hebrew Monogram Designs

Suitable for illustrating invitations, menus, thank you cards for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Marriages and other special occasions. Please contact us specifying the monogram, any particular desired design elements, approximate number of guests, date needed, preference of black&white/2-color/full-color, and we will contact you with a proposition.


Jean-Jacques Levy proposes a number of designs suitable to ornament the text of your choice.

Family Trees

Each family tree is an original. Email us with details on your family tree, and Jean-Jacques Levy will propose a unique masterpiece with which you can display your family tree. [Loeb family tree]


For all inquires, kindly contact Jean-Jacques LEVY

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