Photos from Elie and Chedva's Wedding

January 17, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland

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Yehoshua and Elie Starr being led to Kabbalat Panim In back: Yehoshua, Elie, Aaron, Stuart. In front: Jennifer and Chaim, Asher, Aunt Dorothy, Penina, Minda and Nechama, Zahava, Jennie On left: Penina Wagschal and Gabrielle Loeb. On right: Minda, Aaron, Penina and Zahava, Nechama and Asher Wagschal, Elie Starr In back: Joel, Stuart, Jennie, Dan, Yosef. In front: Helen, Gabby, Jonathan, and Benjamin (asleep) at the Baltimore inner harbor Yosef bowling Elie Starr bowling Jennie Starr bowling Joel Lubell bowling Stuart Starr bowling Yehoshua Starr bowling